The greatest turban-wearing diminutive gay Jew ever to set foot on Usenet, the Grand Wizard has achieved notoriety as master over a stable of some of the world’s kookiest net.loons. With a stable that includes living legends like Archimedes Plutonium and Emmett “The Pissbum Powerhouse” Gulley, I will not rest until I’ve taken over alt.usenet.kooks and given those cretinous keyboard cowboys a lesson in respect.

Tremble in fear, AUK, tremble in fear.  The Grand Wizard has you in his sights.

This site is dedicated to Ernie Roth, the late great Grand Wizard of Wrestling. Rest in peace, Ernie: thanks for many years of colorful entertainment. 


One Response to About

  1. Fuck Nutz says:

    yea yea yeah top drawer stuff

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