Hello world!

Because the genius, grandiloquence and sartorial elegance which is Rusty Tavek, the Grand Wizard of alt.usenet.kooks, should not be confined merely to Usenet I bring you this journal.

Ladies, gentlemen and that person in Emmett Gulley’s smoking fetish videos, the Grand Wizard welcomes you to the machinations of AUK’s finest mind.  Tremble in fear, cretinous keyboard cowboys, tremble in fear. The Grand Wizard is here and he’s taking no prisoners.

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5 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Fred Hall says:

    I don’t see your former client MMFC mentioned.

    • While I was briefly in negotiations with the MMFC, I ultimately decided not to take Woger Wiseman and Deliverance Davies on as clients. As a manager, it is my duty to read the posts of those I represent. And no trophy is worth sorting through their excremental observations before breakfast. The Pissbum Pantload tried my patience and my gag reflex: scatophagy is where I draw the line. The Grand Wizard may be base, vile and the distilled quintessence of all that is distasteful in humanity, but even I have standards.

  2. Fraud Hell says:

    yea yeah yeah top drawer stuff lads

  3. Fraud Hell says:

    damn things – you must have em set to moderated

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